About the Portland Craft Beer Festival

The Portland Craft Beer Festival hosts a premier craft beer event that enables all breweries within the city limits of Portland, Oregon to showcase their beers on a common stage.

The Portland Craft Beer Festival (PCBF) is an annual opportunity for patrons of legal-drinking age to sample a substantial representation of beers originating from every brewery in Portland. What makes the PCBF unique is the fact that only beers brewed within the city limits of Portland will be featured at the PCBF – this is different from the other beer festivals that occur in the city. Aside from beer, there will be selections of Portland's crafted ciders and wines, as well as locally based food vendors.

CaskAide, Inc. and its partner charities are the non-profit beneficiaries of the PCBF. CaskAide, Inc. was formed to partner with the Portland Craft Beer Festival with the intent of supporting Portland neighborhood interests through the promotion of local breweries.

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PO Box 13535 Portland, OR 97213


Special Thanks goes to:


Founded in 1984, Bridgeport Brewing is Oregon's Original Craft Brewery. Look for Bridgeport Brewing's signature tent at the festival this year.


Three Boutique Hotels in Portland - in Downtown and Waterfront


Taplister is an easy, cost-effective way to continuously reach craft beer drinkers through websites, social media and in-house Digital Beer Board Displays.



Umpqua Bank believes in shaping our neighborhoods and engaging with our neighbors through community giving and community action.


 The Boelter Companies entered the world of brewing in the 1970s, and since then have become industry experts and partners to leading local, national and international brewers. Boelter Beer Cups add style to every pour and make a lasting impression for your beer. A bartender for your brand, but better.

And especially, TryHops a full service wine and beer line installation & tap cleaning service.  Also offering specialty brewery tours and tastings.

Find us each year the first weekend in July!

Portland Craft Beer Festival at The Fields Neighborhood Park
1099 Northwest Overton Street
Portland, OR 97209

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