2023 Pour List

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ASCENDENT Awesome Sauce Awesome!  ABV 6.1% IBU 42  Hazy IPA
ASSEMBLY Diego Mexican Lager Bright Noble Hop aroma, flavor notes of citrus and corn cereal. Clean, dry finish. ABV 5.5% IBU 10 Mexican Lager
BAERLIC Chill Helles Lager Delicate balance of rich malt flavor and spicy and floral hops, this beer is cold as ICE and built for chillin! Fermented and conditioned slow and low for maximum crispness. ABV 4.5% IBU not much Helles Lager
Ducking Autocorrect
A blend of classic West Coast IPA hops provide typical fruit and evergreen notes while a blast of Warrior kicks up the citrus. ABV 7.6% IBU – West Coast IPA
BREAKSIDE West Coast Best Coast A clear-as-can-be dry, bitter West Coast IPA ABV 7.1% IBU 67 West Coast IPA
CASCADIA COFFEE ROASTERS Effervescent Orange Coldbrew Spritzer (non-alcoholic) A refreshing sparkling cold brew coffee beverage lightly sweetened with a hint of vanilla extract and natural orange flavoring. ABV 0.0% IBU – Coldbrew Spritzer
CERVECERIA NORTE Gallo Clean & crisp with a corn forward flavour & aroma. ABV 4.7% IBU 19 Mexican Lager
CRATER LAKE SODA Root Beer (non-alcoholic) A classic root beer. ABV 0.0% IBU – Craft Soda
CRATER LAKE SODA Orange Cream (non-alcoholic) A classic orange cream soda. ABV 0.0% IBU – Craft Soda
DESCHUTES None More Blue Light, fruited summer crusher packed with blueberry, accentuated by Callista Hops. ABV 5.4% IBU 23 Blueberry Lager

ECLIPTIC LIGO West Coast IPA LIGO is our take on a West Coast IPA with a firm, yet modern hop character, citrus, berry and tropical notes are complemented by dankness and pine. ABV 6.5% IBU 50 West Coast IPA
FRACTURE West Coast Pilsner Passionfruit. Lychee. Pomelo. Juicy bursts of citrus peel & lush tropical fruit layered on a soft malt backbone. ABV 5.8% IBU 38 West Coast Pilsner
GIGANTIC Cloudberries Hazy IPA Notes of Mango, Citrus, Strawberry. Travel through the clouds with us to a place so fruity, you’ll wonder how we got there with hops alone. Sit back, relax and enjoy where the Mosaic and Grüngeist hops take you. ABV 7.5% IBU 56 Hazy IPA
GRAND FIR Blonde Rye WC IPA Stonefruit, pineapple, pine. ABV 6.9% IBU 60 Blonde Rye WC IPA
GREAT NOTION Juice Invader This Southern Hemisphere IPA is brewed with a massive amount of Galaxy and Vic Secret hops from Australia. Beware!!! HOPS ARE ATTACKING! ABV 7.0% IBU – New England Hazy IPA
GROUND BREAKER By the Sea (gluten-free) Bright & briny balanced with unique teff malt. ABV 5.1% IBU 10 Teff Gose
GROUND BREAKER 99 Light Lager (gluten-free) Crisp, light with the delicate aroma of Oregon-frown Crystal hops. ABV 3.8% IBU 10 American Lager
HAIR OF THE DOG Häge Dopplebock Smooth malt flavor, light hops with a clean finish. ABV 8.0% IBU – Doppelbock
HAIR OF THE DOG Doggie Claws Candied ginger and hops in the aroma. This beer has moderate carbonation and deep amber hue. The flavors of pine and orange mingle with young alcohol and hop bitterness. ABV 11.5% IBU 70 Barley Wine
HAIR OF THE DOG Fred Fred was created to honor beer writer and historian Fred Eckhardt. Fred is a big inspiration for me and many other brewers. Fred’s work in all-grain brewing and beer styles helped me become a better brewer. Fred the beer is a deep golden color. It is made with aromatic and rye malts and includes 10 different hop varieties in an effort to incorporate the whole world into this beer. ABV 1.0% IBU – Golden Strong Ale
HOPWORKS Overland IPA Ripe tropical fruit, citrus, pine. Overland is a modern IPA, designed to be chilled by natural means and enjoyed by the fire at the end of a long day. ABV 6.9% IBU 60 IPA
LABYRINTH FORGE Kings Stone Schwarzbier About an hour drive from Saxony, Germany (the origin of this style) near Königstein (King’s Stone), we find a natural rock formation called Felsenlabyrinth. Described in Carl Merkel’s 1826 travel guide as the “Philosopher’s Stones” and then later as a labyrinth; he recommended against a visit due to the danger of getting lost. We like to get lost, so we recommend visiting this labyrinth and many others as well as tasting our beer in homage to this historical place. ABV 5.0% IBU 24 Schwarzbier
LAURELWOOD Brew Deck Dry Hopped Lager A showcase for Nelson Sauvin hops, this dry-hopped lager delivers complex white whine grape notes with gooseberry, lychee, and melon accents. A smooth refreshing bitterness and intriguingly complex aromas keep leading down the path of one more sip. ABV 5.9% IBU 40 Lager
  LEIKUM Janis Hoplin (certified Kosher) Raise your hand if you love hops! Made with NW hops, a pint of Janis Hoplin IPA will for sure take a piece of your heart. ABV 6.5% IBU 60 IPA
LEVEL Ready Player One Ready Player One will be a light bodied Saison with flaked rye and hopped with Saaz hops. ABV 4.8% IBU – Saison
MAD COW Pineapple Peppercorn Saison A touch of pineapple in aroma and flavor pair perfectly with Szechuan peppercorns in this saison. Great for summer weather. ABV 6.0% IBU 20 Saison
MCMENAMINS Surprise on 13th Gold IPA Tropical, orange peel, clean, citrus, crisp. ABV 6.8% IBU 44 Cold IPA
MIGRATION Migration IPA A modern IPA finishing dry, allowing the hops to shine at the forefront with plentiful aroma and flavor. Featuring bright notes of tangerine, peach and grapefruit. ABV 6.4% IBU 50 IPA
MIGRATION Dry Day Hop Tea (non-alcoholic) We start the process with Simcoe Hops known for their grapefruit, passionfruit, and pine-like qualities, as well as pomegranate white tea and hibiscus. Subtle notes of cranberries, and also contributes heavily to the pinkish hue. ABV 0.0% IBU 10 Hop Tea
MONTAVILLA Jerry Cherry Berry Sour This kettle sour is tart, dry and full of bright and jammy fruit from additions of dark cherries and marionberries. Pucker up! ABV 5.6% IBU 8 Sour
MONTAVILLA Körabräu Helles Light German-style lager, an excellent thirst quencher that leans slightly away from the hops and allows the delicious Pilsner malt to shine. Prost! ABV 5.2% IBU 18 Helles Lager

MOONSHRIMP Blood Orange IPA (gluten-free) Gluten free hazy IPA fermented directly on organic whole blood oranges, with Simcoe and Citra Hops. ABV 5.5% IBU 35 Hazy IPA
MT. TABOR Sack Lunch Our dark Mexican style lager brewed with real lime puree making this the perfect beer for just about any summer afternoon. Just add the chips and salsa to get the fiesta started! ABV 5.3% IBU 19 Dark Mexican Lager
MUTANTIS Sour Guava Habanero Chica (gluten-free) Brewed with malted organic corn, raw agave nectar, pink guava, and habanero peppers. Moderately spicy with a bright pepper flavor. Naturally gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan! ABV 5.3% IBU 9 Sour
OLD TOWN Peach Fuzzy Belgium Saison brewed with peaches and crushed black peppercorn. ABV 6.8 IBU 15 Saison
PONO That’s My Yam! Purple Ube Smoothie – If you have never had UBE before then this is a must try! From the Philippines originally, its popularity exploded and it made itself all over Asia and South Pacific. Classified as a sweet potato but it tastes nothing like it. Uniquely flavored and typically used in deserts, this style of beer is on the sweet side with an amazingly bright purple color that makes it a crowd pleaser! ABV 7.8% IBU 54 Sour-Smoothie
PORTLAND CIDER Grapefruit Gimlet (gluten-free) Bright, citrus-forward, tangy tartness, a pop of fresh sage, herbaceous aroma, subtle notes of stone fruit, and an off-dry, crisp finish. ABV 6.2% IBU – Cider
PORTLAND CIDER True Brut (gluten-free) Fermented with a sophisticated champagne yeast, True Brut is exceptionally dry and perfectly refreshing. With zero sugar, this bubbly beverage is truly a cider to celebrate. ABV 6.9% IBU – Cider
ROGUE Dead Guy Pilsner Dead Guy Pilsner reveals the lighter side of the dead with its pale golden color, subtle hop bitterness and crisp, refreshing finish. ABV 5.0% IBU 34 Pilsner
ROSENSTAD Export Gold Rosenstadt Export Gold is brewed in the Dortmund style – robust, malt-forward, and balanced, with just enough Noble Hops on hand to finish crisp and dry. imported Heirloom malt gives Export Gold a uniquely sweet and bready malt character. ABV 6.0% IBU 30 Dortmund-Style Lager
STEEPLEJACK Lager Classic Premium Lager, featuring pilsner, oats, and wheat. Noble hops balance out a grainy malt bill for a classic beer-flavored beer. ABV 4.2% IBU 18 Lager
STORMBREAKER Chair Raiser We designed this IPA at 6% to make for efficient crushability in 90 degrees weather. It’s packed with Cascade, Idaho 7 Cryo, Mosaic Incognito, Sultana Lupilin pellets and Amarillo TNS oils. The Official beer of the Portland Pickles. ABV 6.0% IBU 50 IPA

STRAIGHTAWAY Fiore Spritz What better way to begin the evening than sipping the botanical fizz of an iris-imbued spritz? Dotting the hillsides of Italy, the iris fiore, or flower, is revered for its aroma and regality. And regal this drink is: a sophisticated blend of floral notes with a touch of bitterness that positions it above the rest. Madee with sparkling rosé, grapefruit oils, housemade floral liqueur. ABV 13.0% IBU – Specialty Cocktail
STRAIGHTAWAY Apico Spritz Some say the spritz got its color by way of Italian women, who disguised their public imbibements by staining them red with bitters. Others give credit to the artists who believed these bubbly drinks possessed magical qualities. To us, the spritz is more of a state of being than a precise history. It’s the gateway from work to play, a moment to relax the mind and open the palate for wherever the evening takes you. Made with sparkling Pinot Gris and Muscat, housemade bitter orange amaro ABV 13.0% IBU – Specialty Cocktail
SWIFT Swift Blueberry (gluten-free) Jammy blueberry, light citrus, flora, medium tart, clean finish, semi-dry. Portland International Cider Cup Medal winner 2022. ABV 6.1% IBU – Cider
SWIFT Peach Blossom (gluten-free) This extra-dry peach blossom blend is fragrant and light, made with lovely white peony tea leaves and blended with jasmine flowers and peaches. It’s bright on the nose and delicate on the finish. ABV 4.9% IBU – Cider
THRESHOLD Comments Section NW-style Pilsner brewed with El Dorado Hops for balanced bitterness and super crusable fruit notes. Going straight to the comments section for this one. ABV 5.5% IBU – Pilsner
UPRIGHT Table Flipper Table Flipper is a stronger version of an American light lager. It uses six-row barley and rice syrup with minimal hopping, finishing soft but dry. The Table Flipper has the distinction of being the only open fermented malt liquor in the PNW, and perhaps anywhere! It’s a great showcase of lager yeast nuance, and also crushable. ABV 6.3% IBU 15 Lager
VON EBERT Clubhaus Lager A classic, crisp, refreshing lager. Perfect for the easy drinking days and nights. ABV 4.0% IBU – Lager
WAYFINDER Animal Beer Mild and Crisp, with a timeless taste, the beer that made Portland infamouse. Brewed in Collaboration with our friends at Fair State Brewing in Minneapolis, Animal Beer combines the choicest Oregon-grown Cascade Hops with the mild complexity of PNW pilsner malt and locally-sourced corn. ABV 5.3% IBU – Lager
WIDMER BROTHERS Imperial Hefe This Imperial Wheat lords over ales with robust flavors of wheat, joining houses with Citra, Vista and Idaho-7 hops, all while remaining true to its wheat sovereignty by tasting smooth, balanced, and bright. ABV 8.0% IBU 40 Imperial Hefe
YOVU Yovu Lager Classic American lager, light, super crushable with spicy, floral notes from Northwest grown Noble hops. ABV 4.9% IBU 13 Lager
ZOIGLHAUS Zoigl Pils North German Pilsner with a spicy hop aroma. ABV 4.8% IBU 42 Pilsner
10 BARREL Cerveza Negra Rich but cleansing malt presence is complimented by the slight spiciness from Noble Hops. ABV 4.5% IBU 19 Dark Lager