Who We Are

The Portland Craft Beer Festival founders are:

Joseph Sundberg - Poobah of Public Relations & Marketing

A 30 year Portland hotel veteran, Joseph brings knowledge of all things Portland - especially his love for beer - to PCBF. Before the web search, there was Joseph to answer questions about the latest brewpub openings, the newest beers on tap, and where the most innovative brewers could be found. An avid cyclist and general Man about Town, Joseph is also a passionate story listener and has dreamed about this festival for decades.

Rodney Woodley - Chief Financial Wizard

Rodney has a BS degree in biochemistry as well as an A.O.S. degree from the Culinary Institute of America.  A former credit analyst, executive chef, and current entrepreneur, Rodney is the backbone (all right, all right - the brains!) of PCBF. In addition to managing a household of three active teenagers, Rodney volunteers as Treasurer for the Wilshire-Riverside Little League and teaches private cooking classes.

Christopher Rhodes - Superman of Operations

Chris has worked almost every beer festival in the region for over a decade. He is also the draft technician at a major Portland beverage distributer. Chris has an intimate knowledge of setting up and operating a beer festival, plus he is married to the incredible Melinda Rhodes who will be the gatekeeper at the festival door.